Health Insurance (OSHC & OVHC)

To ensure a seamless visit to Australia for either work purposes or leisure, it is imperative that you possess the appropriate health insurance policy. These health coverage arrangements are tailored to align with the specific prerequisites of your current visa sub-class. In the subsequent sections, we will elaborate on the Health Insurance Cover options corresponding to different visa sub-classes:

Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC)

Several Visa Classes fall under OVHC’s health insurance criteria, including:

  1. Visa Sub-Classes: 300, 580, 590, 600, 601
  2. Visa Sub-Classes: 482, 485, 400, 401, 486, 489
  3. Visa Sub-Classes: 417, 462, 407
  4. Various Bridging Visas

Unlike OSHC, this policy can be tailored to your required duration and can be paid on a monthly basis via Direct Debit from your chosen bank account.

Our insurance options cater to different needs, including individual policies, couple policies, and family policies to cover partners and children.

We are committed to helping you discover the most suitable coverage and provider that aligns with your visa’s insurance prerequisites.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Overseas students and their accompanying family members must maintain their Overseas Student Health Cover status throughout their stay in Australia under the Student Visa Stream (Sub-Class 500). OSHC can be acquired through an approved health insurance provider.

The nature and cost of the health cover vary based on the course duration and the number of applicants in the visa application.

With our support, you can select a cost-effective insurance provider from a variety of options, ensuring you and your family members receive the right coverage. We’ll guide you to a policy that covers essential services through our extensive network of Health Insurance partners.

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